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Kia Front Wheel Oil Sealing Ring
  • Brief Introduction:
  • Model Number: 5010633A0
    Size: 51*63*8.5
    Type: KZ
    Material: NBR
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    • Kia Front Wheel Oil Sealing Ring
    • Kia Front Wheel Oil Sealing Ring
    • Kia Front Wheel Oil Sealing Ring
Product Detail

HOK is a professional China oil seal manufacturer.Our oil seals are for trucks, passenger cars and industry.Valve stem seal, o ring,bonded seal, rubber bumper, other molded rubber products we also supply. 


Product Name: Kia Front Wheel Oil Sealing Ring

Rubber Material: NBR

Working temperature: -20to 250 F°(-29 to 121 ℃)

Color: Orange

Size:  51*63*8.5 (ID*OD*H)

Unit: mm

Type: KZ

Metal case: with

Spring: without 


Kia Other Oil Seal List

HOK No.         Type                Size                  Material
5010671A0TC 10*19*7NBR
5010612A0DC 15.9*35*9.5NBR
5010648A0TY 16*28*7/15NBR
5010643A0TC 22*32*7NBR
5010644A0DR 22*38*8NBR
5010620A0DR 30*44*7NBR
5010620A1DR 30*44*7NBR
5010642A0TCW10 34.93*63.5*12.29/14.3NBR
5010564A0T3CW7 35*56*9/14NBR
5010670A0DR 36.5*50.5*7NBR
5010670A1DR  36.5*50.5*7 ACM
5010670A2DR  36.5*50.5*7FKM
5010652A0DR1 38*50*6.7NBR
5010619A0DR1 38.1*60.35*12.7NBR
5010647A0TZT 39*50.5*9NBR
5010651A0DR1 44*63.5*9NBR
5010646A0DR1 44.45*53.98*4.78NBR
5010633A0KZ 51*63*8.5NBR
5010650A0K3M 52*68*7/13.2NBR
5010681A0DL5 75*95.2*9.5NBR
5010649A0DL 83*100*9NBR
5010649A1DL83*100*9 ACM
5010649A2DL 83*100*9 FKM

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

Brand: HOK or OEM

Certificate: ISO/TS 16949


Delivery time: within 45~60days

MOQ: 1000 pcs

Payment Terms: 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment

Packing: 10 pcs/bag or 1 pc/bag/box then standard export carton taped and filmed

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